We prefabricate dwelling units. They’re built under controlled conditions, and transported on a flatbed to the construction site. These units are then assembled on the foundation, and jointed together by a team of expert carpenters. Once the house or building is finished, it is virtually indistinguishable from site-built counterparts – and supremely constructed in so many ways.

Bonneville Homes can construct everything and anything on the residential housing spectrum. From city infills, lane homes, and secondary suites, to recreational properties big and small. Our homes range in size from 400 square feet to several thousand square feet. Essentially, we can design any home you desire – all you need is the land to accommodate it.

Bonneville Homes also has a multi-residential division. Click here for more information.

Absolutely. Bonneville homes are designed and engineered structurally, mechanically and electrically to meet or exceed local building codes for every region they are built for. Our manufacturing facility is also regularly inspected by representatives of the CSA (Canadian Standards Association), while local building inspectors will follow up on-site for final home approval.

Building a flat roof anywhere in Canada is quite a challenge. It requires a lot of knowledge and applied experience – and that’s our wheelhouse. Over the years we have developed special roof compositions and usage of superior materials, to build a mass that is breathable and permeable. We also take great care to design a load-bearing structure with a much higher weight capacity than would be normally required. Our flat roofs are so strong that clients can build additions or add a roof deck without having to modify the original structure.

The construction process is extremely fast. It takes about one week to build one module, moving it down the production line every 3 hours. There are however a few more steps to consider in your construction project: floor plan customization, selection of finishes, reception of material, etc. We therefore suggest a timeframe of 4-5 months to properly plan and deliver your dream home from your very first appointment until day of delivery. Bonneville also guarantees your delivery dates, so that everything else can be easily planned for.  

As we are a custom homebuilder, the price per square foot varies depending on your home’s design, finishes and structural items such as windows, porches and garages. Our home experts will provide you with a preliminary pricing, general base features, and help you estimate an overall budget. Then, once the floor plan is drawn and materials selected, we will provide you with detailed pricing, guaranteed against any variation. You will never find extra charges in our homes. The price we quote is the price you will pay. Period.

Absolutely not. Customization and modification is our specialty. We offer an extensive choice of options, finishes and interior customization. Our models are meant to inspire, and present special features that can then be incorporated in your home. Furthermore, by being both the designer and the builder, we can easily estimate every option or addition you are considering, helping you take make the right decision and stay on budget. We’ll also gladly work with any external expert or architect that you trust and decide to involve in your project.


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